[ FOCUS ] Ramon, Senior Business Development Manager at MCA Engineering Spain

Today on the blog we introduce you to Ramon, who opened a new MCA agency in Barcelona. Get to know more about a passionate and determined person, who knows about how to create business and catch opportunities !

1/ Hello Ramon, and welcome again to MCA ! Can you present yourself quickly?

My name is Ramon, I was born in Barcelona 28 years ago. I studied for three years the Industrial Engineering Bachelor of the “Universitat Politècnica de Barcelona” until I realized that I feel more comfortable with people than with numbers, so I changed my path and finished the bachelor specialized in Labor Law at the “Universitat de Barcelona”.

Regarding my background, I’ve always worked with business. I started in a huge recruitment company doing a lot of cold doors and cold phones trying to increment my own business all from scratch. One and a half year after I got promoted and started to learn to negotiate with high hierarchy stakeholders and to interview more qualified profiles, always taking care to generate more business.

After my experience there I started a new adventure as a business manager in an consulting company specialized in engineering. There I learned all the basics about the industrial sector; top notch companies, contacts, technicisms, etc.

2/ What convinced you to join MCA? How was your integration to the Groupe?

Basically the quality over quantity methodology of the Groupe and the challenge of starting a new business from scratch. Also, because of my previous experiences, I’m more used to work in international companies with a more “european” workstyle, which MCA has.

So far, even though I’m still alone in Barcelona, the integration has been really good. The first days I was in Madrid learning all the basics of the company and later on went to the training program in Paris, wich was very useful. Also everyone is willing to help, from the people in Madrid to the HQ in Paris, with regular visits of my COO.

3/ You attended the Impulse program last week: can you tell us more about this training? What did it brought you?

The Impulse program was a huge opportunity to learn about the culture of the company, It’s hierarchy, business plan and the use of Manageo all along with good tips and training to help us grow our own business. And of course to do some networking during the party! I’d absolutely recommend It.

4/ Which are the main challenges for MCA Spain in Barcelona?

There are plenty of challenges but the biggest one is to start It from scratch. To consolidate a business you need first a strong input of needs and dedicate a lot of time and efforts to study the Catalan market, prospect It, getting noticed and detect the best opportunities.

So far we have detected some good needs and I’m pretty sure that in no time and with the invaluable help from Madrid we’ll be able to cover them and start running the business!

5/ What is a typical day like as a Senior Business Manager?

There are no typical days in the life of a BM! You have to be constantly playing with the Chinese plates trying to consolidate and stabilize your business. But if you ask me, during the most “normal” day as a BM you have to prospect a lot, negotiate with the clients (and even with some candidates), interview good engineers, arrange meetings, expand your networking, be aware of the news in the sector and a long etc. Some days you know how It’s going to start but not how It will end!

6/ What does Barcelona brings in term of business as well as lifestyle?

Barcelona and the territories that surround It have a lot of potential in terms of business. The capital is one of the best cities of the world to start up a business, with plenty of huge companies constantly looking for IT profiles. And the territories around the city have a very strong industrial fabric specialized mostly in automotive but also with a huge potential in pharma, industry and even railway.

Regarding the lifestyle, well, what could I say. Maybe we can not compete in some terms with other countries but I assure you that our lifestyle is one of the best. We offer tons of divertimentos, excellent culture offer, amazing nightlife, the best cuisine of the world (with the permission of the French haha) and also the best football team that has ever existed!

7/ In 3 words, how would you define your integration within MCA?

Exciting, Challenging and Promising!

8/ Last but not least, one (or more !) fun fact about you ? 😊

Well, I’ve always considered myself a very enthusiastic person that puts a lot of energy to what I love. And as you may have noticed, I’m a huge supporter of F.C. Barcelona (Visca el Barça), so one night I was in the Camp Nou stadium with my father during a Clásico match and I was really nervous. We were in a tie but Etoo did an extremely good play along with Messi and we scored last minute. I was so happy that I hugged the man next to me without realizing that I grabbed his neck and almost left him without breath. Fortunately everything ended well, Barça won and nobody got injured.

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