[ FOCUS ] Alejandro, Data Scientist Consultant at MCA Engineering Spain

Today on the blog we introduce you to Alejandro, Data Scientist consultant at MCA Engineering Spain.

Hello Alejandro, could you present yourself in a few words ?

I am an aeronautical engineer always looking for learning something new.

How did you first got in touch with MCA ?

By a friend who was already working here.

Were you always passionate about the engineering industry?

Yes, since I was a kid I have been quite interested in the engineering world.

Which industrial sector are you the most interested in? Projects or innovations that interest you the most ?

I am very interested in the aeronautical sector, specifically in research and innovation projects.

If you could describe MCA in 3 words, what would it be ?

Fresh innovative company.

Best memory within MCA ?

Last Christmas dinner.

How do you see yourself in a few years time, career wise?

I see myself progressing in MCA, taking more responsibilities in new projects.

What is your project at the moment, with which client ?

I am working in air transportation project for Boeing Research & Technology – Europe.

Fun fact about you?

I like to eat a lot.

What do you prefer about Madrid ?

All the thing that you can do in the city, you never get bored.

Favorite comfort food?

Spanish omelette, tortilla de patatas.

Last tv show you enjoyed?

La Resistencia, a pay-per-view Spanish show.

Main hobby?


If you were a Friends character you’d be …?

I have never watched the show, but after some Wikipedia research I think I would be Ross Geller.

Top tip to succeed in this industry?

Be committed with your work and never give up.

Thanks Alejandro for giving us your feedbacks !

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